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Ethera NEMo IAQ monitor

Indoor air quality monitor

NEMo is the first portable logger of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to continuously and selectively measure confinement and formaldehyde with the levels stipulated for indoor air quality. Design houses, building users, or public organizations can thus easily set up monitoring campaigns. A single button is all that is required to collect the data and generate complete, visual reports. Continuous measurement of these parameters, along with new management and analysis software, allow accurate analysis of occupants’ exposure to pollutants and identification of pollution peaks. The manager can thus undertake highly effective and more economic corrective actions best suited to the type of building: optimization of ventilation, development of “best practices” (opening windows, cleaning schedules,… ). Strengths • Most relevant parameters of IAQ in a single device • Exclusive and ultra sensitive technology of nanoporous sensors • Non Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) measurement of CO2 in accordance with IAQ standards. • Compact, robust, easy to use and install • Possible extension to other gases • Multi-parameter IAQ indicator • Turnkey diagnosis mode A unique technology for sensitive and selective measurement of formaldehyde NEMo incorporates an innovative and exclusive measurement technology developed by ETHERA*. This technology is based on ultra-sensitive nanoporous materials and offers high performances comparable to conventional methods (i.e. gas chromatography). The direct optical reading of sensors while they are exposed enables diagnosis of indoor air quality at concentrations in the order of µg/m3 (ppb). *under CEA/CNRS license
Detection method:Non Dispersive Infrared spectrometry (NDIR) 
Measuring range:0 à 5000 ppm 
Accuracy:1 ppm 
Sensitivity:+/- 50 ppm +/- 3 % reading value 
Response time 90%:< 30 seconds 
Detection method:Optical reading with nanoporous material (patented technology) 
Measuring range:0-2000 ppb (0-2,5 mg/m3), according to exposure time 
Sensitivity:Up to 1 ppb, according to exposure time 
Sampling method:Diffusive 
Comparison with DNPH* reference method: < 25 % 
Storage conditions for the consumable:Store between 2 and 8°C 
Sensor type:CMOS 
Measuring range:-25°C to +55°C 
Sensitivity:+/- 2°C full range (+/- 1°C from 0°C to 55°C) 
Sensor type:Capacitive 
Measuring range:0 to 95 % (+/- 3 % reading value) 
Accuracy:0,08 % 
Sensitivity: +/- 5 % full range (+/- 3 % from 20°C to 55°C) 
Sensor type:CMOS 
Measuring range: 300 to 1100 hPa 
Accuracy:+/- 0,01 hPa 
Sensitivity:+/- 1 hPa 
Sampling time:10 minutes (customizable) 
Operating Conditions:Temperature between 0°C to +40°C.- Humidity between 20 et 80 % (RH) 
Embeded memory:> 50 000 points 
Dimensions (L x Wx H) approx:175 x 95 x 75 mm 
Total weight:450 grams 
Power supply/Battery life:Battery 5000 mA (up to 15 jours lifetime, with measurements every 10 minutes) 
A/C 220/110V and charge with microUSB port 
Start/Stop with magnet 
Display:3-color LED indicator, customizable with user mode 
Radio Frequency - Multi-logger communication with concentrator (optional) 
System requirements:Operating system : Windows 7 ou higher, Mac OS 10.9 or higher 
Guarantee:1-year guarantee for labor and parts 
Conformity:Décret 2012-14 pour le confinement 
Contents:1 logger 
1 USB adapter charger 
1 USB-MicroUSB cable 
Quickstart guide 
USB flashkey with Profil’air Manager 2 software and manual 
1 quality report 
Options:Transport case 
Concentrator to connect several NEMo simultaneously 
Suspension kit 
Consumable: Formaldehyde sensor (ref. NE-FOR01x) 

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