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Partector2 The world’s smallest multimetric nanoparticle detector

Multimetric nanoparticle detector

The main difference between the Partector 2 and the original Partector is the introduction of a size-selective precipitation stage and a second detection stage. With the precipitator and the second detection stage, the Partector 2 can now also measure an average particle diameter and a particle number; in addition, there are also many small improvements compared to the original Partector. Here is a list of all differences: • Ability to measure particle number and average particle diameter • Internal flow sensor regulates flow to a constant value (0.5lpm), which was missing (but also not as necessary in the original Partector). • Different internal pump, less noisy than original pump • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) transmitter, enabling transmission of data to an Android smartphone. This allows e.g. placing the P2 in a hard-to-access location and still monitoring its data over the smartphone up to ~30m away; in addition, the internal GPS of the smartphone allows direct generation of google earth files on the phone instead of doing it by importing Partector data + GPS data to the java tool. • The pump, the high voltage modules, the battery, the electrostatic precipitator and the electrometers can be exchanged rather easily, enabling servicing by skilled users or distributors. • Firmware upgrade possible over uSD-Card. • Longer battery life (~24h with a new battery) • Slightly larger size and weight compared to the original Partector, but rather little compared to the new functionality (450 g, 142 x 88 x 34 mm) • Better immunity to high relative humidity due to improved internal design • User-selectable integration time of 2/4/8s (tradeoff between noise levels and response time)

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