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Thermo 49iQ ambient O3 analyser

Ambient O3 analyser

The Thermo Scientific™ 49iQ Ozone(O3) Analyzer utilizes UV Photometric technology to measure the amount of ozone in the air from ppb levels up to 200ppm.
Gases MeasuredOzone
Custom Ranges0-0.05 to 200 ppm; 0-0.1 to 400 mg/m3
Description 49iQ Ozone Analyzer
Flow Rate1-3 LPM
Height (Metric)221.5mm
Depth (Metric) 609mm
Linearity±1% full scale
CE, TUV-SUD Safety, EQOA-0880-047
Response Time20 seconds (10 second lag time)
Span Drift<1% full scale (1 month)
Temperature (Metric) Operating0° to 45°C (Operating)
Weight (Metric)14.4kg (standard), 16.1 kg (with ozonator)
Width (Metric)425.45mm
Zero Drift<1.0 ppb (24 hour) <2.0 ppb (7 day)
Zero Noise0.25ppb RMS (60 seconds average time)
Measurement Range0–200 ppm 0–400 mg/m3
Analog Inputs 4 Isolated voltage Inputs 0–10 V
Analog Output6 Isolated analog voltages outputs, with 4 selectable ranges 6 Isolated analog current outputs, with 2 selectable ranges
Communication PortsSerial ports: 1 RS-232/485 port 1 RS-485 external accessory port Other ports: 3 Full speed USB ports (one in front, two in rear) 1 Gigabit ethernet port
Communication ProtocolsMODBUS, streaming
Detection Limit0.50 ppb (60 second averaging time)
Digital Inputs16 Digital inputs (TTL)
Digital Outputs8 Solenoid driver outputs 10 Digital reed relay contact outputs
Power Requirements100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 275 Watts
Ozonator Output.025 - 1.000 ppm @ 3-4 LPM
Ozonator Response1 minute to 98% or 5 ppb of final value, whichever is greater
Ozonator StabilityOzonator Stability

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