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Hand Arm / Whole Body Vibration

The Vib@Work measurement system makes taking vibration measurements on handheld tools easy thanks to autonomous sensors that do not need to be wired during measurements.

Stored data is downloaded from the sensor(s) at the end of the working period using a docking station connected to a PC.

Software allows automatic computation and display of workers' exposure to hand arm vibration, and indicates how it compares with limit and action values defined in the vibration Directive.

In order to cover the full range of existing handheld tools two sensors have been developed: one for usual vibrating tools while another one is dedicated to highly percussive tools exhibiting high level of shocks. (Up to 50 .000 m/s2)

Our measuring device, that can be attached to any kind of tool, is currently the only one capable of taking accurate vibration measurements without disturbing worker's tasks with annoying and fragile cabling. A special version of the sensor is specifically dedicated to measurement on highly percussive tools.

  • Accurate measurement on all kind of handheld tools, including highly percussive tools (up to 5000 G)
  • Self contained miniature sensor without wired connections
  • Fully compliant with the European Vibration Directive
  • Non intrusive
  • Includes means of avoiding common measurement errors
  • User friendly implementation and use
  • Placement of sensors regardless of the measurement predominant axis
  • Reasonable cost

The EVEC whole-body vibration dosimeter has been developed in partnership with INRS (Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité, France) under the agreement No.5061249. INRS has verified that this device can be used for whole-bodyvibration exposure measurements.
Acceptance testing has been carried out according to EN ISO 8041:2005, section 12. Each manufactured device is tested according to ISO8041:2005, section 13

Download Hand Arm Brochure

Download Whole Body Brochure

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