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CR308/CR310 Basic sound level meters

basic sound level meters

The CR:308/310 is a basic sound level meter that is perfect when you need basic noise information, capable of measuring the maximum sound level (LMax) and the sound pressure level (SPL). The Cirrus CR:308/310 sound level meters provide an entry level for noise measurement across multiple sectors, and meets current international standards for noise measurement instrumentation. Both variants provide the SPL and LMax readings, which can help you determine how loud something/somewhere is without overcomplicating the data with other acoustic information. Both variations can also measure different frequency weightings, which provides more detailed and accurate data than many other basic sound level meters on the market.
Simple to use
Clear, backlit LCD display
Custom adjustable noise level threshold (308)
DC and AC out
Long battery life
The 310 model can print results directly to a portable printer
Measurement Functions: LAF, LAS, LCF, LCS, LCpk Leq (CR:310), LEq8h (CR:310)

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