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Data Gateway
Our Data Gateway (previously known as web-logger) is an advanced connection between your analysers/sensors and our Data Servers. Over 100 analysers/sensors are programmed into the Data Gateway using their own protocols, along with the ability to select up to 20 of them for collecting data. Up to 255 channels may be selected with selectable sample and store rate for each channel. Also, ability to change the sample/store rate when a certain condition is met, which prevents storing a vast amount of unwanted readings and concentrates on the data you wish to store. Communicate with your analysers live, with the abiltiy to re-adjust any setting on your equipment, all real-time, which will cut down on site visits, thus saving money. ​ Features of the Data Gateway are: ​ All Data Gateways are very easy to setup, no complicated setup required. The easy way to collect data from your analysers/sensors. Connection to analysers/sensors are via: 1 dedicated RS232 port, up to 32 polled RS232 ports, Ethernet, RS485. Up to 32 Relays may be used in alarms and/or switching over valves etc. on external devices. Micro SD card installed. Worldwide communication to our Data Servers via Ethernet/GPRS/3G/4G. Use wordwide roaming sim cards from us, or simply add your own. Data from the Data Gateway automatically sent to our Data Servers. Data storage/retrieval from our Data Servers (various licenses available). Windows software to modify setup of Data Gateway. See data appear live from the Data Gateway using Site Manager application. Set alarm levels for various channels sampled, and be emailed when these occur. Have data emailed, or sent by ftp directly to your computer. Latest firmware automatically uploaded to the Data Gateway making sure its always running on the latest version. If your analyser/sensor is not on our list we will add its protocol to the Data Gateway. Contact us for more information.

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