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DMS Reports
Our DMS Reports is a Windows application allowing sophisticated reports to be generated. Create reports from a single station to a complete network with various averaging periods. Automatically download data from our servers, and/or import your own stations directly into the databases. If you dont use our data gateways, simply importing your own data will allow you to use our system. Re-load months of data in a few seconds. Create the following reports: Calendar, Line Chart, Tabular, Wind Rose, Pollution Rose, Exceedance, Histogram, Linear Regression, Subtraction. Create your own custom reports by adding gauges and line charts. Change size and display factors of the gauges. While moving on the line chart, see gauges display the instant value at this position. Custom reports are saved to the local hard drive and can instantly be reloaded along with its data. Weekly, Monthly (or any period) data may be instantly displayed without searching the database, allowing instant viewing. And many more features available.

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