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Dusthunter SB100

Dust emissions monitor (In-situ)

The DUSTHUNTER SB100 is a type-approved measuring device for dust at very low to medium concentrations in challenging applications, e. g., in hot or corrosive gases. The measurement is based on the backward scattering of light. Installation is from one side only. Two different penetration depths are possible. Automated compensation of background radiation, therefore no light absorber required. An automated check of the zero and reference point as well as a contamination check are on board in the device.
Measured valuesScattered light intensity, dust concentration (after gravimetric comparison measurement)
Performance-tested measurementScattered light intensity
Measurement principleScattered light backward
Spectral range 640 nm ... 660 nm Laser, protection class 2, power < 1 mW
Measuring rangesDust concentration 0 ... 10 mg/m³ / 0 ... 200 mg/m³
Certified measuring rangesScattered light intensity 0 ... 100 SI / 0 ... 15 SI / 0 ... 50 SI / 0 ... 200 SI
Response time (t90)1 s ... 600 s Freely adjustable
Accuracy≤ 2 % Of measuring range full scale
Process temperature –40 °C ... +600 °C
Process pressure With MCU-P control unit –50 hPa ... 2 hPa With external purge air unit –50 hPa ... 30 hPa
Process gas humidityNon-condensing
Duct diameter ≥ 500 mm
Conformities - Approved for plants requiring approval2001/80/EC (13. BImSchV) 2000/76/EC (17. BImSchV) 27.BImSchV TA-Luft (Prevention of Air Pollution) EN 15267 EN 14181 MCERTS 2010/75/EU
Electrical safetyCE
Test functionsAutomatic self-test (linearity, contamination, drift, aging) Contamination limit values: warning at 20%, fault at 30% Manual linearity test with reference filter

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