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GM35 In-Situ gas analyser

In-situ analyser for CO,CO2,H2O,N2O

Simultaneous or as individual measurement: the GM35 gas analyser measures CO2, H2O and CO, or N2O, as well temperature and pressure – and it does this reliably, quickly, and economically. As an in-situ gas analyser, the GM35 detects these gas components directly in the gas stream without gas sampling. Reliability, precision, and short response time of the GM35 offer a key advantage for efficient control loops in all CO and CO2-generating processes.
Measured valuesCO, CO2, H2O, N2O
Performance-tested measured CO, CO2, H2O
Measurement principlesGas filter correlation, Interference filter correlation
Measuring ranges CO 0 ... 180 ppm / 0 ... 20,000 ppm N2O 0 ... 60 ppm / 0 ... 2,500 ppm CO2 0 ... 22.5 Vol.-% / 0 ... 100 Vol.-% H2O 0 ... 25 Vol.-% / 0 ... 100 Vol.-% Measuring ranges refer to 1 m measuring path Measuring ranges depend on application and device version Certified measuring ranges CO 0 ... 75 mg/m³ / 0 ... 2,000 mg/m³ CO2 0 ... 15 Vol.-% H2O 0 ... 25 Vol.-% Cross-duct and GMP version are type approved
Zero point drift± 2 %: relative to measuring range end value
Reference point drift± 2 %: within the maintenance interval, relative to measuring range full scale
Ambient temperature–40 °C ... +55 °C Temperature change maximum: ±10 °C/h
Storage temperature–40 °C ... +55 °C
Ambient humidity≤ 96 % Relative humidity, bedewing of optical surfaces not permitted
ConformitiesApproved for plants requiring approval 2001/80/EC (13. BImSchV) 2000/76/EC (17. BImSchV) 27.BImSchV TA-Luft (Prevention of Air Pollution) EN 15267 EN 14181 MCERTS
Electrical safetyCE
Enclosure ratingIP65 / NEMA 4x
OperationMenu-driven operation via separate control unit
ModelCross-duct version Measuring probe version
Test functionsAutomatic check cycle for zero and span point

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