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GMS800 FIDOR total hydrocarbon analyser

Extractive total voc gas analyser

A member of the GMS800 analyser family, the GMS800 FIDOR extractive gas analyser is ideally suited for emission monitoring according to regulatory requirements (in waste incinerators, cement and/or power plants, for example). Based on the proven flame ionization detection principle, the GMS800 FIDOR measures total hydrocarbon concentrations in gases at both trace levels and high concentration levels. The GMS800 FIDOR is available in three versions: the GMS810 FIDOR with integrated control unit (BCU), the GMS811 FIDOR with separate control unit (BCU) and the GMS840 FIDOR with a space-saving wall housing. The housing makes integration into existing systems such as SICK's MCS100 E HW multi-component analyser very easy.
Measured valuesCorg
Performance-tested measurementCorg
Gas flow rate≤ 120 l/h
Process temperature≤ +230 °C
Process pressure–120 hPa ... 120 hPa
Process gas humidityNon-condensing
Ambient temperature +5 °C ... +40 °C
Storage temperature–20 °C ... +70 °C
Ambient pressure900 hPa ... 1,100 hPa
Ambient humidity≤ 95 % Non-condensing
Conformities-Approved for plants requiring approval2001/80/EC (13. BImSchV) 2000/76/EC (17. BImSchV) 27.BImSchV TA-Luft (Prevention of Air Pollution) EN 15267 EN 14181 MCERTS
Electrical safetyCE

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