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Mini Gateway
Our Mini Data Gateway is designed to be used with a single analyser. Communication to the analyser is made from various interface methods, and connection to the Servers is carried out out by using either WiFi/GPRS/3G and 4G, with worldwide coverage. We can supply the sim card with the system at a low cost, or supplying your own if you wish. ​ If the Mini Gateway is not currently interfaced to your analyser/sensor, then contact us as we can add it to the list. ​ Features of the Mini Data Gateway are: ​ All Data Gateways are very easy to setup, no complicated setup required. The easy way to collect data from your analyser/sensor. Worldwide communication to our Data Servers via WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G. Use wordwide roaming sim cards from us, or simply add your own. Data from the Data Gateway automatically sent to our Data Servers. Data storage/retrieval from our Data Servers (various licenses available). Free Windows software to modify setup of Data Gateway. Free web page showing live data. See data come in live from the Data Gateway using Site Manager application. Set alarm levels for various channels sampled, and be emailed when these occur. Have data emailed, or sent by ftp directly to your computer. Latest firmware automatically uploaded to the Data Gateway making sure its always running on the latest version. Ability to power down the WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G module to preserve energy. For example, if running on battery these may be powered down during the night, and still the data will be captured. In the morning power will be re-applied to the communication module and the Data Gateway will send all its data saved to our Data Servers. The Data Gateway may be permanently connected to our Data Servers, allowing communication directly to your unit via the Data Gateway. Or power down the WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G module and waken up periodically to send the data at a programmable interval. We can add your analyser/sensor to the list. Contact us for more information.

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