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MK440 NoiseSensorLITE

Environmental Noise Sensor

The MK440 NoiseSensorLITE is a compact, light and easy-to-deploy noise monitoring instrument, perfect for measuring and monitoring environmental noise. Built on the technology of the MK427 NoiseSensor, the MK440 is an integrating instrument, meaning it can be added to existing PLC data logging and monitoring systems with relative ease, eliminating the need for a lengthy and complicated set up procedure. Unlike conventional sound level meters (like the Optimus+ Green), the NoiseSensorLITE converts the noise level in decibels, into an industry-standard 4-20mA output, which can be connected to a standard DCS/SCADA-based system, allowing you to add noise measurement capability to an already-established system.. With no dials, controls or displays, the MK440 is incredibly easy to install and use. Once in place and hooked up to your system, there’s no need for any user-intervention; the NoiseSensorLITE will continue to work away on its own. You won’t have to spend ages learning a new piece of equipment - simply plug it in, and start monitoring! Intrinsically safe for hazardous environments The NoiseSensorLITE has ben certified safe for use in Class 1 Division 2 hazardous environments, which include locations like mines, gas pumps and stations, processing plants, and food and beverage maufacturing locations. With intrinsic safety certification from FM Approvals, the MK:440 can be used to monitor noise levels in potentially dangerous environments, without fear of flammable vapor, gas or liquids being ignited by the instrument. If you're already monitoring environmental/atmospheric conditions in a hazardous environment and need to start monitoring noise, the MK:440 is the solution you need.

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