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Palas Fidas Smart 100 ambient dust monitor

Palas Fidas Smart 100 ambient dust monitor

Fidas® Smart 100 the currently most advanced compact measuring instrument for the determination of ambient air quality, continuously and reliably analyzes airborne fine dust particles in the size range 0.175 - 20 µm and is released and approved by TÜV for PM2.5 for official measurements. A newly developed algorithm for mass determination calculates PM values via optical scattered light measurement on the single particle, taking into account signal duration and shape. Measurement system and algorithms were developed based on the technology of the EN 16450-certified Fidas® 200. The heated aerosol inlet ensures that the measurement result is independent of humidity or mist droplets. Fidas® Smart 100 thus achieves high accuracy under all weather conditions. In addition to the fine dust fraction PM2.5, which is relevant for official immission control, Fidas® Smart 100 simultaneously calculates and stores PM1, PM4, PM10, the total dust load, the particle number concentration Cn as well as the particle size distribution. Fidas® Smart 100 thus provides comprehensive and accurate information on fine dust particles, which in this form is only possible with a counting single particle measurement method. Fidas® Smart 100 is designed for unattended continuous operation and features an exceptionally durable blower for the sample air stream. The aerosol sampling, aerosol conditioning and optical sensor system are resistant to contamination and can still be cleaned by the user if necessary. Automatic calibration tracking of the measuring system ensures unprecedented long-term stability and allows operation for up to two years without recalibration. The calibration status can be checked by means of a test dust calibrated by Palas®.

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