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GM32 In-Situ gas analyser

In-situ analyser for NO,NO2,SO2,NH3,TRS

The GM32 in-situ gas analyser measures SO2, NO, NO2 and NH3, as well as TRS components in Kraft pulp processes including pressure and temperature in the gas duct. Direct, fast and without gas sampling and transport. This means control systems are able to work with actual values in real time. Thanks to self-monitoring the measured values are reliable at any time. In case of a malfunction an early warning will be shown. For emission measurement of SO2 and NO, GM32 is tested for suitability according to European standard EN 15267. An ATEX version with comprehensive safety functions and sophisticated system technology is also available, as well as the GM32 TRS-PE (PE = Pulp Emission) for TRS measurement in Kraft pulp processes.
DescriptionType approved in-situ gas analyser for emission monitoring and process control
Measured valuesNO, NO2, NH3, SO2
Performance-tested measuredNO, SO2
Measurement principlesDifferential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS)
Measuring rangesNH3 0 ... 30 ppm / 0 ... 2,600 ppm SO2 0 ... 15 ppm / 0 ... 7,000 ppm NO 0 ... 40 ppm / 0 ... 1,900 ppm NO2 0 ... 50 ppm / 0 ... 1,000 ppm LowNO2 0 ... 15 ppm / 0 ... 1,000 ppm Measuring ranges refer to 1 m measuring path Measuring ranges depend on application and device version Certified measuring ranges NO 0 ... 70 mg/m³ / 0 ... 700 mg/m³ SO2 0 ... 75 mg/m³ / 0 ... 1,000 mg/m³ With an active measuring path length of 1.86 m (cross- duct) or 1.25 m (open path measuring probe) The gas-testable measuring probe (GPP) is not TUV approved
Response time (t90)
Open measuring probe (GMP)≥ 5 s
Gas-testable measuring probe (GPP)≥ 120 s
Cross-duct version≥ 5 s Response time adjustable Accuracy NH3 ± 2 % NO ± 2 % NO2 ± 2 % SO2 ± 2 % Relative to the smallest measuring range
Ambient temperature–20 °C ... +55 °C Temperature change maximum ±10 °C/h
Storage temperature–20 °C ... +55 °C Temperature change maximum ±10 °C/h
Ambient humidity≤ 96 % Relative humidity, bedewing of optical surfaces not permitted
ConformitiesApproved for plants requiring approval 2001/80/EC (13. BImSchV) 2000/76/EC (17. BImSchV) 27.BImSchV TA-Luft (Prevention of Air Pollution) EN 15267 EN 14181 MCERTS GOST Ex-approvals IECEx Ex pzc op is [ia] IIC T3 Gc ATEX II 3G Ex pzc op is [ia] IIC T3 Gc Electrical safety CE Enclosure rating: Standard IP65, IP69K Ex-version IP65
OperationVia integrated operating unit or SOPAS ET software
Test functionsInternal zero point check Check cycle for zero and span point according to QAL3
OptionsSCU control unit (for non-hazardous areas only) Multi range calibration (additional measuring ranges for one component) Extended gas temperature range up to 550 °C or 650 °C Low NO2

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