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Trojan noise nuisance monitor

Noise nuisance recorder

A Trojan can help you monitor, manage and analyse noise nuisance complaints quickly, easily and with the minimum effort. Once you've decided to deploy the Trojan (the NoiseAid App can help with this), it's a simple process to setup the equipment and to start getting reliable, actionable information. By making the system quick and simple to deploy, the amount of time that you need to spend on site is dramatically reduced. All you need to do is connect up the power, calibrate the instrument, lock the case and you're ready to go. You can record comments or information into the system as an audio recording, which you can listen to when you download the data, then you're ready to go. All the user needs to do is press the remote control to trigger an audio recording that is stored automatically alongside the measured noise levels. Download the measurement data into the NoiseTools software and quickly review and listen to recordings.
Key Features • Specifically designed for Noise Nuisance Measurements • Quick, simple and easy to set up • Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK • High-quality audio recording • Lightweight and discreet • Secure and tamper-proof • Licence-free analysis software with free lifetime updates • Industry-leading 15-Year Warranty • Support your users with the NoiseAid App
What You Get as Standard • Class 1 Sound Level Meter • Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator • Tripod, Windshield & Microphone Mount • 2 Wireless Remote Controls • Secure, Lockable Case with Padlock • Discrete Rucksack (holds all of the parts of the system) • The NoiseTools Software • User Manual and Quick-Start Guide • Over 40 years' experience and expertise • Exclusive access to the NoiseAid App

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