Trolex XD One Personal Dust Monitor | EMS
Trolex XD One Personal Dust Monitor
The new, wearable, self-contained personal dust monitoring device that saves time, money and lives. Breakthrough XD One technology delivers continuous, real-time detection of harmful particulates in even the harshest of conditions, to protect your people wherever they are. Instant alarms to preset TWA and STEL limits. XD One is personal, portable and mountable. It is a self-contained unit with no tubes, sampling heads, impactors, pumps, or filters. It weighs only 450g and has a 16+ hour battery life. We offer a full range of mounting options for walls, poles, cabs, and on the body, including on the chest for the Oronasal Sampling Zone. The automatic and on-demand self-test routine takes 5 seconds. The one-minute compliance test is required typically every 3-6 months. That’s it. No return-to-base servicing, or complicated set-up, cleaning or calibration routines. PPE for the real world.

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